Dresses in the Garden at Midnight

I’m not too sure what to make of this zine. Beyond its floral-decorated purple cover lies a series of polaroids, each featuring the same model posing in various locations of (what looks like) her backyard at nighttime. Except for a single floodlight, she’s shrouded in darkness while lying in the grass reading a book, or simply staring off into the distance.

There are no words to accompany the pictures; they’re simply laid out on black paper. How they’re interpreted is up to you. For me, the strawberry blond model laying carelessly in a summer dress on the grass, the odd highlight and shadow around her … I can’t help but deem this an artistic take on Alice in Wonderland. I’m waiting for the mome raths to hobble by. (Amy Greenwood)

Art Zine, Elizabeth J. M. W., petitspoissons@gmail.com, petitspoissons.etsy.com, $4.25 CAN, $5 US, $6.50 Int.


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