Dreaming With One Eye Open

I was offered a bribe, I think: upon opening Ed Varney’s slim volume of reveries, Dreaming With One Eye Open, I found two crisp, newly-printed five dollar bills from Banque du Fluxus. Five Fluxus Bucks, I should say.

I love it!

One could think that Mr. Ed Varney is trying to buy my love, or get himself in my good books, as it were, by sending me freshly-minted money alongside this chronicle of his sleepwalking adventures …

The small print on the Fluxus Bucks, however, clearly indicates that the money needs to be validated by an artist. Interesting. I have never associated making art with making money. This Ed Varney person is, indeed, dreaming. (Andrée Lachapelle)

Art zine, Ed Varney, $5, 4426 Island Hwy 5, Courtenay, BC, V9N 9T1, evarney@shaw.ca


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