There is a reason this zinester has a publishing house backing her perzine: she is a good writer. The deepest notions she gets down with such simplicity and without all the drama we find in other perzines. Cindy takes us on a canoe trip, camping on the beach through a torrential storm, and to her grandmothers “Ladies Lunch” with such charm I wish I could’ve been there. Her piece on love was so true I gaped at her ability to put it into words and onto paper. There’s also an informative piece in this issue about Menstrual Extraction, the technique and history. Her cartoon doodles that accompany the pieces are sweet too, and indicative of the graphic generation. If you’re looking for a good perzine, wanna get lost in someone’s life experiences for an hour, this is the one for you. (heze douglas)

Microcosm Publishing, PO Box 14332, Portland, OR, 97293,


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