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Some of the world is starving. Sometimes we think about it, sometimes we don’t. Maybe we give a little bit here and there to help out. How often do we think about the causes of poverty and starvation? And are the aid organizations really doing all that much good? Joel Catchlove wrote this little zine about the food sovereignty conference he attended in Mali, on the continent of Africa. His narrative, which never becomes preachy, outlines the threats against food sovereignty in developing nations, bringing the urgency home with a portrait of what life is really like in Mali. The recipes and drawings of farm equipment threaded throughout add a lot to the story’s atmosphere and presentation. The simplicity of its delivery, and of its conclusions, make this zine and its message accessible to all and difficult to ignore. (J. Blackmore)

Zine, Joel Catchlove, $3, Joel Catchlove, PO Box 108, Unley SA 5061 Australia,


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