Does this feel like home yet?

It’s not unlike the psychosis of a contractor. What unfolds inside is a vellum blueprint of an apartment, but no. It’s a letraset recreation of kitchen cupboard topographies. If you’re into floor maps and the frayed line between architecture and art…you’ll love it. But many are left wondering. Clean white paper, letraset phrases, clean folding, vellum and no words all point that this is very much a piece of art (Perro Verlag is a books-by-artists’ press). So initially you have to ask yourself if you’re a) looking for something to read (because there’s nothing to read here) and b) if you’re looking for something to clearly comprehend. Something about blueprint maps (this one is greyprint) is that one has to know how to visually unlatch the codes to envision it live, not unlike something one would learn in an interior design program, or possibly at a trade school. So envisioning the kitchen cupboards into 3D origami can be challenging. Goodden asks one question: “Does this feel like home yet?” And while we’d like to think it would be fun to live in kitchen cupboards if we were mice (especially living in the boxes of Oatmeal Crisp cereal or pancake powder), in turn we have to ask if this is actually the blueprints of a condo because the inner proximities could convince us more. (Nadja Sayej)

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