Derivative Records Summer 1995 Catalogue

I dunno, I picked this up somewhere and was impressed by the range of mail-order stuff you can get through Derivative. Lots of bands I’ve never heard of with cool names like Extra Glenns, Fluff, Bunny Grunt, and Ringfinger. Also bands I have heard of like Nerdy Girl and Mecca Normal. This thing also promotes their own lively offerings, mostly 7″ stuff, Slow Loris, Pest 5000, Eric’s Trip and new stuff they have on the way. I haven’t mentioned even a quarter of it. Small pamphlet with lotsa good stuff crammed in. I guess they could say more, but then, what good would it do? I gotta get me dad’s old record player outta the basement. You do too.

pamphlet / 6 pages / main creators: Pat, Patti and Kevin / publisher: Derivative Records / free / Derivative Records PO Box 42031, Montreal Quebec, H2W 2T3


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