Delete: Fear and Phobias Issue

Holy crap, this is a truly frightening zine! And its brilliant! This is the second issue of Delete, the Fear and Phobias issue. And damnit, I have to track down issue #1! Zines with themes are usually hit or miss. When a myriad of contributors actually manage to maintain a theme consistently, then the zine is an instant winner. And through a very wide variety of ideas, this issue of Delete really does stick to the theme quite well. What strikes me most are the many images and photographs. Some are scary, some are haunting, some are just terrifying. But in the end, all work so well! Same with the text. It isn’t the strongest part and some of the poetry is a bit ill-matched, but there are also some standout pieces of writing that challenge the theme. An excellent collection! (Jon Pressick)

31 Foxbar Road Toronto, ON M4V 2G5


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