Dave Clark – Sketchbook #2 / Goofus and the Kitty Eat What They Bake

I’ve had these CDs for a number of months now but continue to wrestle with a way of summarizing their content, let along import. Dave Clark is a man who has played with everyone, from Gord Downie to the Sun Ra Arkestra and these solo CDs confirm the breadth and depth of his open ears. From out jazz to bedroom ballads to little kid singalongs (with his daughter Hannah) to a Kim Mitchell tribute, Clark plays it all like a believer. And believe he does, in the power of music to comfort souls, to connect people, to voice anger, to think out loud. His is a way of making music that takes place each and every day, each and every way. Open ears made this music and open ears are essential to hearing it. (Terence Dick)

2xCD, Zunior.com, www.woodchoppers.com/davidjclark, www.zunior.com


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