Dater’s Dozen

zine review:

Dater’s Dozen

Dater’s Dozen is a comic zine about the author’s dating life. Melaina talks about how her therapist tells her he wants her to date before she settles into a long-term relationship, and asks her how many apartments she looked at before signing a lease. When Melaina says 12, they decide that she should date 12people before settling into a new relationship. This zine is witty and entertaining, and Melaina relates many common experiences in dating. The drawing is simple and narrated by the discerning, thoughtful and moral Melaina. I found Melaina a very likable and relatable character, and would recommend this zine to any women in the dating zone. (Grace Evans)

Comic Zine, Melaina, 1388 Haight St. #92, SF 94117,, $7


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