zine review:


Apparently the creator of Conqueror has a statement that can only be made by defacing the pages of a knitting magazine. Ok. But is this a visual treatise on the superficiality of magazine models, or an advertisement for the artist’s skill in rocker makeup? I hope it’s not the latter, because even I could do better metal war-paint than this. If it’s the former, I can certainly give the artist some credit. The plastic poses of all the models in their beautifully crafted attire become even emptier when contrasted with their marker-drawn face paint. It really doesn’t say anything, though. If the artist had something to prove he or she should have said what it was. The one thing that can be said for this zine is it has some truly groovy stitching for the binding. Stick with the knitting, Bobby, because this zine show­cases no talent, and it’s certainly not worth six dollars. (J. Blackmore).

Vol. I, zine,,,, $6


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