Concrete Powder

Skatin’ and boardin’ — for many, a nuisance that ties up emergency rooms, promotes delinquency and crowds up the sidewalks and ski hills. For others, a complete life-style, clothes, language, attitude and their own goofy ad-rag, Concrete Powder. Hey, at least the pictures are getting better. But really, this is one of the dumbest publications ever. I love it. Listen to this sample interview with what some nineteen year old named Devun who I can only assume is like a famous snow-boardin’ dude or something. Anyway: Q: When you’re not snow-boarding, what do you like to do? A: Skateboard — tons and tons. BMXing is pretty dope. Q: What’s up with the home theatre system? A: Nothing. Just had to splurge. Q: What has snowboarding done for you? A: It lets me do everything I want to do. There’s a lot of pressure that goes with it too though. Q: What kind of pressure? A: You have to pull through. You have to be on it all the time. You can’t go somewhere and then look stupid because kids will think you suck. It’s harsh. Q: You go to Church? A: Yeah, Church of Skatan.

zine / August / publisher: Kevin Harris / main creator: Richard E. Neuman / free / #150-11780 River Road, Richmond, BC, V6X 1Z7


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