The title pretty much says it all. It’s most obviously a zine about chocolate, made by chocolate lovers. Inside these cocoa enthusiasts review chocolate bars, share stories of how their love for the candy developed and list recipes for good, chocolate-filled treats. Anyone with a sweet tooth could find something useful in this zine.

But for those of us (like me) who don’t go all doe eyed when confronted with candy, there is still a little bit of entertainment to be gleaned from this zine. Sage Adderley’s passionate story about stealing a chocolate bar as a child–because she couldn’t live without it–is enjoyable, as is Sharon Furgason’s cartoon-tale of how she came to decide that a nuclear holocaust would be bad because it would mean no more chocolate bars. The best bit in here, though, was the discovery that a Ukrainian candy company makes chocolate covered pork fat. Mmm, mmm. (Lindsay Gibb)

Food zine, various artists, #2, US$2, CA$3, $4 the rest of the world, P.O. Box 981, Fort Worth, TX, 76101, U.S.A.


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