Cerebral Parade no 3

Containing only five poems, this zine is less a parade, and more an anti-war protest in the backyard of Queen’s Park. Sparse and kind of weak. Yasmine does try to achieve a balance of image and word throughout the zine, however, which is an especially nice design decision for a poetry zine. Honestly though, the only thing that this zine left me with was a bunch of little green particles that had fallen from or rubbed off of the fabricked cover. The green specks paraded across my stuff while the poetry flitted out of my cerebrum near instantly. Except of course, for the last line on one of the last pages: “I must convince myself I am alive.” This leads me to believe that something is trying to happen between this zine’s fuzzy green covers, but there’s just not enough of it to keep my attention. (Claudia Calabro)

poetry zine, Yasmine Lucas, el_yasel@hotmail.com


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