Bubonix and Bubonix Classix

These consistently well drawn, well produced comics cover a huge range of characters, styles and plot lines. For instance, you can see Tabasco Lang in Stool Pigeon, an old style gangster comic with new style dialogue. Or, check out the Charlie’s Angels episode in which Charlie finally comes out of hiding and blows a crowd of people away while the Angels and Bionic Bosley watch. But my personal favourite was Scissors, Paper, and Rock starring in “The Good, the Bad and the as Yet Undecided.” Will we ever emerge from the delirium of this Bubonic fever?

comic / #23 (Bubonix), #2 (Classix) / publisher: Bubonic Press / main creator: Jean-Guy Brin / $1 (Bubonix), $2 (Classix) / PO Box 81064, World Exchange Plaza, Ottawa, ON, K1P 1B1


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