If you like articles in that New Yorker personal-narrative type style, you’ll love this magazine. There’s articles on being beautiful and intelligent, on garlic, on folk art. There’s a Q&A interview with Salman Rushdie that reveals Rushdie to be humorous, intelligent and articulate. Perfect material for a thoughtful, articulate, humorous magazine like Brick. In a way, though, the subjects of the articles are irrelevant. They could just as easily be about elephants, linoleum and escalators. These are the sort of articles where the subject amounts to little more than an excuse by the writers to give us a piece of themselves. As with the New Yorker, each article is a well-wrought, relatively long, subjective contemplation of a subject. But Brick maintains a youthful and exquisite quirkiness that Old Lady New Yorker has long since abandoned.

lit journal / no known publisher / main creator: Linda Spalding (editor) / $4;$20/6 issues / Box 537, Station Q, Toronto, ON M4T 2M5




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