I was greatly underwhelmed by most of this zine. It is a collection of comics on the related theme of Blue. I was doing my duty, reading along through the first three comics. None of them were doing much for me. They’re okay, nothing really bad or alarming about them. But I just found them lacking, I was feeling they should have been more. Then I got to the fourth and last comic in this collection. And it is, perhaps, the only zine that has made me cry on the subway. This story called �blue�, written by Dorian Lang and illustrated by Colleen MacIssac is so perfectly crafted, so emotional and strong that I was just stunned and overwhelmed and thankful that I read this work. I won’t give it away because I want people to read this zine for that story. It will melt even the coldest of cynics. Standing ovation, right here. (Jon Pressick)

#207-1949 W 5th Ave. Vancouver, BC V6J 1P6


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