Bedtime, Sleepyhead – The Dangercat EP

She just happened to become the interim editor of Broken Pencil shortly before handing this CD to me. Her CD. Lindsay Gibb’s band’s CD. And I said, “Sure, we’ll review it,” because I’ve made it my duty to review absolutely every Canadian record that comes into my hands. But I left the office in a sweat because nine times out of ten, when someone I know asks my opinion of their music, art or whatever, I don’t like it and have to lie and say, “It’s interesting.” Lucky for me, Bedtime, Sleepyhead aren’t interesting. They’re actually quite good. With buzzsaw guitars and loud drums backing Lindsay’s Juliana Hatfield vocals, they play hooks a thousand indie bands have played before but somehow make them fresh and catchy. (Terence Dick)

CD, Rialto Records,


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