Baobabs #1

zine review:

Baobabs #1

Baobabs is a collaborative project by some folks from Montreal. The zine is a collage– the writing is a hodgepodge of pieces by different writers, some of which are untitled, that are displayed in chaotic page compos­itions giving the zine a very cut-and-paste feel. This is also seen in the Baobab’s visual interest–sections of high school math text­books, magazine clippings, old comic panels and handwritten quotes are scattered along the borders of pages. The writing is bits of prose and poetry, and varies in subject mat­ter from poetic tributes to Montréal, rants against materialism and Craigslist experien­ces. The inner cover has the admission, “an honest first attempt. We have a lot to learn.” The zine is an energetic, enthusiastic effort which makes for a nice glimpse into the writing of some Montreal-dwelling young folk. (Grace Evans)

Poetry zine, Edited by Mikayla Cartwright,


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