Answer Shirker

Jessy Kendall’s “Answer Shirker” beautifully describes frozen moments from passing seasons-cold – ice – snow-while, at times, being dangerously hot in how it handles humour, and poetry. The smile of a child gingerly biting into his last cookie … Chickens and roosters lingering by a too-bright wall, pecking at pieces of refuse … Trumpet-nosed butterflies digging for food, sudden snowfalls, colourful messes … “Answer Shirker, a determined homemade publication” is how the zine is described, and it is that, and more: a hopeful, heartfelt, honest and innocent mixture of words, shapes and colours. The start of something good. I see where you are going, with the melancholy musings and the chaotic madness. Push yourself a little harder, take your ideas a little further. Bring it all waaayyyyy over the top, and this will be a nice, juicy zine indeed. (Andree Lachapelle)

Jessy Kendall, zine, 92 Pine St. #2, Lewiston, ME, 04240, U.S.A.,


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