Animalway Armfay

Animalway Armfay, Mahala Woodford, 152 pgs, Our Teeth,, $5-$15

Woodford’s Animalway Armfay is George Orwell’s classic novel Animal Farm — the only difference being that this copy has been transcribed completely into Pig Latin. Yes, from page five to 150, the entirety of the novel is written, ordway for ordway, in a language devised for six-year-olds, and it couldn’t be funnier. You will never laugh at a book this hard again.

Woodford has done an incredible job satirizing the ways we look at both political and literary structure. This is not a book; it’s more of a conceptual artwork. It’s something you have in your home to show people and really you need people there to help you get through it. You should have three of your closest friends sitting behind you reading along if/when you get stuck. Reading Animalway Armfay as a replacement for the original would be ridiculous. Appreciate it for the delightful, hilarious and occasionally delirious experience it provides. (Ryan Eastman)


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