Agricola St.’zine

Agricola St. ‘zine is a little pamphlet written for the 24-hour Zine Challenge. It tells the story of how the author came to witness a shooting in her Nova Scotia neighbourhood. The constraints of the challenge give Mooers’ stream-of-consciousness prose a breathless, intimate quality. She’s not just rattling off a short story about something odd that happened to her, though. What begins as a simple, if gripping, account of violence becomes a commentary on the state of Canadian urban communities and the role of the neighbourhood police. Mooers’ work becomes a call for dialogue, for answers, and I think she’ll get the response she’s looking for. (J. Blackmore)

Zine, Candace Mooers, $0.50, Candace Mooers, 2453 Agricola St., Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3K 4C1


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