Zine Review + Excerpt: Mushroomsss

Mushroomsss Art zine, Nattee, 8 pgs, @iamnattee, $3 I ran into Nattee at Zine Dream and picked up a few of their zines, attracted by the colourful washi tape binding and the playful linework. Mushroomsss is what you would expect it to be: studies of various fungi, from morels to button caps to ones that […]

Zine Review + Excerpt: Camgirl

Camgirl Art zine, Josephine Norman, Some topics are easily dismissed as controversial and cause folks to speak endlessly about them, even when they don’t understand what they’re talking about. Josephine Norman brilliantly subverts this tendency with her tidy, deceptively simple, and beautifully designed zine entitled Camgirl. In it, she illustrates to the reader the […]

Comic Review: Animol Zoo

Animol Zoo Comic, Shayne Cassidy, 20 pgs,, This zine may be a harrowing statement of the “mankind vs. nature” variety. In it, variants of humans assail or neglect variants of animals (“animols”). Pull-aparts are needed. A turtle gets fucked up real bad. And so on.

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