36 sketches of people on the street

This zine is exactly what the title suggests: 36 sketches of street people with information about where they were at the time, the medium used for the sketch and the date, written in both English and French. The majority is done in graphite and ink. There are four that have the addition of watercolour and two that are charcoal alone. What I really liked about each sketch is that, although in most pictures the people appear destitute, Dewi sketches each person in his/her own way and makes you see the person rather than the running theme of homelessness. He captures the wear of life on the street without giving off a false sense of sympathy.

Asking $5 for a zine in most cases is quite high, but when taking into consideration the time that went into each sketch it almost seems like a giveaway. (Robert Lines)

illustrated zine, Dewi, 457 Craven Rd, Toronto, ON, M4L 2Z5, $5 or trade, dewi.arts@hotmail.com


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