28 Pages Lovingly Bound with Twine

This is a freakin’ piece of art. What a wonderful and creative treasure. Wow. Okay, I’ll stop the fawning, but I could love this zine from just looking at it, feeling it. Such craftmanship, including pasted in bits, coloured/inked in additions. And to top it off, there is some classic zine writing in here! Meyer goes above and beyond in presentation and then backs it up with solid, fun writing. That is something too often forgotten in the zine world. If it looks good it has to read good, and if it reads good, it has to look at least decent or it won’t be read. Included in this issue of 28PLBwT, you get Meyer’s musing on hybrid cars, peeing on fires, getting married, cops as pigs. He’s got a wide range and his writing can cover it all. Funny and subtle, crafted but still exemplifying that D.I.Y. spirit you know he cherishes. Great zine. (Jon Pressick) (Jon Pressick)

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