Book Review: Rockets Versus Gravity


Rockets Versus Gravity

Richard Scarsbrook, 200 pgs, Dundurn Press,, $19.99

Richard Scarsbrook’s novel starts with a lumberjack named Stan. I very quickly grew fond of Stan, only for him to die right off the bat. (It’s in the first ten pages, so I don’t think this is a spoiler.) Anyway, said lumberjack is very good at losing his wedding ring and manages to lose it four times, and these rings go out into the world and affect other people’s lives after he is dead.  These rings are the binding plot device of this novel, and  they’re fairly effective moving through the various protagonists’ lives in a well-crafted and enjoyable way.

Book Review: Teardown


Teardown, Clea Young, 224 pgs, Freehand Books,, $19.95

Clea Young’s debut short-story collection has that fantastic quality of making the reader feel as though they are exploring their own memories, even when the details couldn’t be more different from their own reality. In Teardown, Young captures the deceptively benign experiences in the lives and relationships of a diverse cast of characters, and reveals the unexpected gravity of those fleeting moments.

5 zine fairs you should be tabling at this Spring and Summer

We’re in that horrible muddy March hangover moment of the year, and the assumption is that you’ve been spending all winter indoors writing, drawing, cutting and pasting — ya know, making zines and being brilliant.

But what are you gonna do with all those zines?! Well, we’ve got you covered — all of these Spring and Summer Zine Fairs around North America are still accepting registrations for tables. Get in there!


Kazoo! Print Expo (Guelph, April 8th, 2017)

Every year, Guelph lights up for music and art with Kazoo! Fest, and one of its most popular projects is the Kazoo! Print Expo, a zine, book and print fair running 11am-4pm. Ontario zinesters, go to this! You can find more info and register here!


Kahlon x Brown Paper Zine Fair (Baltimore, April  28-29 2017)

As we mentioned in our epic interview with Brown Paper Zine Fair organizer Devin N Morris, the next all-POC zine fair he’s throwing will be in Baltimore this April 28-29. The event will be a partnership with underground arts initiative Kahlon. You can contact Devin and get involved in the zine fair at


Scranton Zine Fest (Scranton, June 2-3 2017)

Even though it’s the gray, unexciting backdrop of The Office, small Pennsylvania cities like Allentown and Scranton actually have a pretty considerable and low-key awesome punk scene. And with punks, come zines! This year’s Scranton zine fair spans two days and two venues. Not far from New York, Philly, or even Toronto. Register here! 

Gluestick 2017 (Indianapolis/Irvington, July 8th 2017)

Indiana, like so many midwestern and southern states in the US, has it’s fair share of DIYers, many of whom converge yearly for Gluestick in Irvington (just outside of Indianapolis). Only an 8 hour drive from Toronto and close to kind of every midwestern city, what’s the worst that could happen? Deadline for applications is April 30, so get it together! More info on their site! 

Kentucky Fried Zine Fest (Lexington, September 2017)

Speaking of that weird zone between the midwest and the south, Kentucky has its own zine fair in Lexington as well! Although the date isn’t set yet, the venue will be the Lyric Theatre. You can check out the zine that was made at the last festival here. Register at their website here!

twin cities 2017-poster

Twin Cities Zine Fest (Minneapolis, September 30th, 2017)

The 13th annual Twin Cities Zine Fest will be held Saturday September 30th at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts!! This zine fair has gone through various iterations and organizers, some of whom have even come up to Winnipeg for Canzine Central! We love these guys! Registration in May, so keep your eyes out! 

knife|fork|book: A new haven for poetry in Kensington Market

Knife FOrk

the knife|fork|fork display at Rick’s Cafe. Photo from Instagram

“The book is the meal.”

Jeff Kirby (known as just “Kirby” to most) is seated at a small table in Rick’s Cafe. The long-running Kensington Market coffee shop is nestled on Augusta, close to Big Fat Burrito on one side and El Trompo Tacos on the other.  Kirby is gesturing to a beautifully-organized series of display shelves at the front of the cafe, all holding poetry – all kinds of poetry, much of it independently-published and Canadian. Offerings from BookThug and Coach House stand alongside titles from Metatron, and there’s a deep box filled to the brim with chapbooks from Desert Pets Press, above/ground, Anstruther Press, Vallum and more. This is knife|fork|book – Toronto’s newest poetry bookshop and community space. Like a good meal, this perfect little space draws you in, makes you warm, fills you up.

Zine Review: Seawitch #11

ZINES_Seawitch 11 (CJ)
Seawitch #11
Clementine Morrigan,, $3

It is difficult for us all to welcome feelings of self-reflection and to question the patterns existing in our lives. Clementine Morrigan, the writer, artist, and self-described witch, has created an opportunity for us to exercise honesty and compassion with the newest edition of their long-running zine seawitch. seawitch #11 is a free-form personal

Zine Review: Thru the Fog

ZINES_Thru the Fog (CJ)

Thru the Fog
Mx. Kat, Issue 1, March 2015, perzine, Queer Trash Distro, $4.29

There is a clarity to Mx. Kat’s writing that intersects beautifully with the zine’s content; a discussion of brain fog and chronic pain. Thru the Fog is a perzine about Kat’s life after a debilitating car accident. Within the black and white text-driven pages, Kat writes about bonding with a personal support worker, winter survival, nightmares and PTSD, consent and (dis)ability, gender and trauma and their feelings about their body. The zine exists as both a narrative exposition on (dis)ableism and an exploration of the practical aspects of living,