Zine Review: Vagina Horror



William Brown, Ohme Made Books, price not listed


If you (like me) enjoyed Mad Libs as a child and (like me) still laugh at jokes where genitals are the punch line, you will enjoy Vagina Horror.

The day-glo cover of this quarter-size zine conceals 32 pages of random facts with one key noun blanked out, and the subtle suggestion to replace it with “penis” or “vagina.” Example: “[Vagina] Island is located between the tip of S. America and the top of Antarctica.” Second example: “The position your [penis] sleeps in may provide clues to your personality. If your [penis] sleeps curled up, you’re most likely shy.”

Each “fact” is accompanied by a line drawing resembling mid-century clip art, like the ones used to jazz up school newsletters and church bulletins before everyone got computers. I also liked that the “Horror” in the title on the cover is supplied by the type of neon sticker you used to find on VHS boxes at video rental shops, so the title effectively says “vagina HORROR” — emphasis on the horror. I hope William has zines incorporating, “Be Kind, Rewind” and, “Sorry, I’m RENTED” stickers, too. (Mary Green)


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