Zine Review: Skyscrapers All On Fire

ZINES_Skyscrapers-All-On-FireShane Large, skyscrapersallonfire@gmail.com, $3

Skyscrapers All on Fire is a cut-and-paste zine that is a bit like a hard copy approx­imation of a sullen teenager with a literate streak screaming against a wall. I know this sounds blunt and catty, but it’s not meant to be pejorative.

More so it’s a suggestion to readers to brace themselves: this zine seems both personal and massively abstract. Isola­tion (both urban and rural) appears to be a central theme in the visuals and text. The prose has a bit of a found poetry thing going on, lifted from periodicals in a style not unlike a ransom note. Some of the words you’ll see here: “dead,” “suf­fering,” “it’s all over.” You get the gist. Perhaps this zine would serve best as a Choose Your Own Adventure book for those whose idea of adventure is hanging out in jettisoned graveyards and tene­ments. Scary stuff if you’re easily spooked. (Cam Gordon)


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