Zine Review: Pizza Punks

ZINES_Pizza-PunksComic, Cole Pauls, tundrawizard@gmail.com, $3

Sometimes you pick up a zine and you know exactly what you are in for. Pizza Punks‘ sleeveless, studded jacket, com­plete with pizza back patch says it all. Fans of punk and pizza rejoice, here is a comic for you to shove in your face like many a triangular slice of carb-filled goodness. What we have here are comics and illus­trations about punks and their slices that range from silly to gross. My favourite is a stencil-style motivational image of a mustachioed punk munching up with a caption that reads, “Remember to eat at least one pizza slice a day.” What more do you need to say? It ain’t deep. Its bright green pages feature comics by Cole Pauls and pinups (yes, pizza punk pinups, to coin a term) by Kirsten Hatfield, Joel Rich, and Brian Fukushima. The quality varies a little bit but it generally delivers the goods, no pun intended. (Chris Landry)


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