Zine Review: Last Playlist

lastplaylistcover_lgComic, Marta Chudolinska, 32 pgs, martachudolinska.com, martachudolinska.storenvy.com/products/5016214-last-playlist, $6

Apocalypse stories absolutely ruin me – I really don’t know what it is. I’m still trying to repress Melancholia in my mental vault right beside Miracle Mile. Last Playlist by Marta Chudolinska chronicles the last moments between a group of friends in one of their apartments. The group quip and joke about pop culture and death openly, giving a distinct feeling that the characters are coming to terms with what awaits them, a plummeting asteroid heading straight for earth. Last Playlist is funny and charming, with quick sketches that add to the indie feel of the story. It also is equipped with a threaded depth in the story that will assuredly chill readers, begging the question, “What would I be doing in my final moments?” Calling loved ones? Having sex just to stave off the paranoia? Drugs? Yes to all of the above. Listening to the music that matters most to you? Definitely. (Richelle Charkot)


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