Zine Review: Kiss off #15


Zine, Chris Kiss, #15, 1274 Dundas Street W. Apt 2, Toronto ON M6J 1X7, $2 in person, $4 by mail or trade 

One time my friend was on a Megabus, the driver of which went to use the washroom without securing the brake, and they ran into a telephone pole before even leaving town. Everyone loves a good/bad Megabus story, and Kiss Off #15 has a doozy. Seriously, what is it about buses and bodily fluids? This Megabus story has an additional lonely tinge of crossing an international border for a long-distance relationship as it gently unravels. Throughout, Chris Kiss remains calm and contemplative.

This zine also includes a few bus stories from friends and a mostly sweet reflection on a few years spent in London, perhaps made sweeter by a return to Toronto. The mix of line drawings and carefully laid out photographs create a clean aesthetic in an otherwise text-heavy zine. Chris Kiss took a few years off between #14 and #15; hope we don’t have to wait too long for #16. (Kelly McElroy)


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