Zine Review: Flight

ZINES_FlightComic, albinwonderland. albinwonderland.com, $7

Full of longing, desire and sorrow, Flight is a short story about a Toronto woman living with a flight path overhead of her new apartment. The newness of the apartment is juxtaposed with what seems to be a lingering feeling of unfulfilled desire for a long-distance love. That her new dwelling keeps her in constant con­tact with the sound of the planes over­head keeps her thoughts trapped in a relationship that is full of questions.

Created by a woman who goes by ALB, Flight will resonate with anyone who has had a long-distance relationship or who has spent time wondering if they would ever get what they want. The impact of the planes’ activity can be read on the depictions of narrator’s face. While the minimal text is vivid, the imagery packs enough punch to tell the story on its own.

Putting the reader right into the ac­tion, Flight offers no backstory about the woman or the relationship. Did she move away from the other person and into this apartment? Have they ever been togeth­er more permanently? Ultimately these questions take a back seat to the narra­tor’s anguish, which feels raw and imme­diate. Heartbreaking. (Joanne Huffa)


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