Zine Review: Drawn Out



Artzine, Stephanie Kervin, Volume 1, stephaniekervin.com, info@stephaniekervin.com


Drawn Out is a zine the reader forced to take at face value; it doesn’t etch out narratives with pesky concepts like sentences or paragraphs. In lieu, you get a series of kinda creepy, charcoal-ish drawings that are heavy on detail and perhaps tell stories in their own right. The drawings are primarily caricatures of everyday people, although some of these folks have bodily abnormalities and in general, most of them appear to be insane on some level.

After reading this zine back-to-front a few times, I struggled to pull out any kind of overarching theme and I assume that’s basically the point. Effectively, Stephanie Kervin is letting us into her sketchbook and I’d be curious to know her inspiration behind this project and whether some of the characters exist in reality. (Cam Gordon)


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