Zine Review: Come Close To Me

Come Close To Me

Zine, Devon Marinac, devonmarinac.tumblr.com

comeAs hard as I tried, I’m not sure I quite “got” Come Close To Me, yet something seems to suggest that maybe it is just up to the reader to let these images percolate for a while, and not being able to “get” it right away actually works in its favour. Devon Marinac collects a series of drawings in this zine, which look as though they were at first a very basic renderings of different people, and then drawn over to create eccentric, elaborate pieces. Looking at this zine, there is no doubt that Marinac’s work is interesting – these pages have an inherent frenzy to them that is very compelling to look at because there’s often so much going on on one page. With little to no text apart from certain seemingly unrelated words or phrases pasted into the imagery, Come Close To Me is a bit of a mind- boggler, but it is certainly worth a look. (Richelle Charkot)


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