Zine Review: Circuit Board

Poetry zine, Astoria Felix, electriccereal.com/author/astoria-felix

In this prose poem, Astoria Felix’s narra­tor woozily climbs a “tin can garage” only to “automatically” step off, snapping his or her circuit board — the chosen figura­tive term for the central vitality that re­sides within everyone’s brain. As the story slowly unfolds, readers are met with a mix of late-19th century renderings of teeth, brains, bones, skulls, and hearts scattered across empty white pages, lead­ing to a dramatic crescendo at the final line, which is deserving of its own page.

While the typography and images are disappointingly pixelated for such a sparse layout, this brief solo publication is filled with curious allusions to death and decay right from the first image: “The shoulders of men who fold into each other until their bodies are cocooned by arteries…” The rest of the story uses equally intriguing lines, which makes me curious about what a more developed project by Felix might look like, especially if she can improve the quality of her print. (Jason Luther)


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