Zine Review: chiffon and lace

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It’s as if this zine was created with a specific demographic in mind, and that demographic is me. chiffon and lace is like a tiny compendium of so many things that I love: Stevie Nicks, the moon, Stevie Nicks, tarot cards, Stevie Nicks lyrics, some ladies wearing drapey clothing, Stevie Nicks, an anatomical drawing of a heart, Stevie Nicks and a pair of deer.
While there’s not much substance to chiffon and lace (it’s literally just photocopied pictures of Stevie and various wonderfully witchy things alongside snippets of Stevie’s lyrics), it’s a sweet little publication. Reading it is like a perfect hangout with a bunch of your girlfriends: the kind where you lounge around, eat lots of snacks, and talk about what your next tattoo is going to look like. This zine is basically a portable version of that hangout, one that you can take with you wherever you go. (Anne Thériault)


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