Zine Review: Artificial Life in the Market Place

artificialArtificial Life in the Market Place
Zine, Shelby Monita, 20 pgs, shelbymonita.squarespace.com

This lo-fi, b+w Kensington Market-based zine features interviews with the late Dave Brockie (aka Gwar’s last original member, Odious Maximus) and famed ’60s groupie-turned-memoirist Pamela Des Barres, which happens to be the more interesting of the two. Sprinkled in between is a punk rock potpourri, including a 2-page spread expressing love for Charlie and the Moonhearts (the RIP band that once featured Mikal Cronin), as well as three life lessons from Kathleen Hanna as summarized by the author. While this zine seems to be out of print, some of this content and more can be found on Shelby’s portfolio site, including a 3-part personal essay on how she survived colon cancer. (Jason Luther)


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