Comic Review: Simalcrumatik #1

Simalcrumatik #1

Comic, Zeke Clough, 28 pgs, UK,, £4

simalkrumatik-jason-lutherLots of thick black ink is spilled in this first issue from British illustrator Zeke Clough to produce a fever-dream landscape filled with mutants, robots, and disembodied things.

As someone who lacks context for sci-fi and horror comics, I’m probably not the ideal audience for this comic; while the drawings are impressive, I found the “story” itself difficult to follow, with many panels simply illustrating the passage of time. Oddly, this is all followed by a more straightforward comic about a narrator’s tympanoplasty, making me wonder how or if the two parts are somehow related.

With references to Spacemen 3 and Merzbow in the latter part, you can imagine the soundtrack for the former. (Jason Luther)


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