Comic Review: Pizza Punks II

Pizza Punks II

Comic, Cole Pauls,, $5

pizza-punks-2-maryHere is a comic all about pizza, punks, and punks who love pizza.

The first section is made up of a series of multi-panel comic strips about the everyday tribulations of being a pizza punk – like when your significant other kisses you with a mouthful of pizza, or when the face of Sid Vicious mysteriously appears in a slice of cheese pizza, or what happens when you forget an entire pizza in a hidden compartment of your band’s van for the duration of a cross-country tour (hint: it’s gross!).

There’s a longer comic in which the author is the prime mover behind an incident involving a mosh pit and errant pizza slices at The Electric Owl in Vancouver. Included in the “Pin-Ups” section near the back is an anthropomorphic pizza slice with heavily tattooed muscular arms who sings, “We’re gonna have a pizza party tonight! Alright!” Man, these punks sure love pizza!

Overall this zine was silly and fun, and very relatable for me personally because a pizza joint recently opened next door to me, reigniting my love for my favourite dough-based meal. (Mary Green)


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