Calls for Submissions


Call for Submissions: Anchor Archive Residency (Halifax)

The Anchor Archive Zine Library, Ink Storm Screenprinting Collective, and Sad Rad have come through once again! They’re inviting zinemakers, printers, performers, writers, musicians, makers, shakers, and more to Halifax for a residency of two to four weeks between May and September. They’ll provide space, equipment, materials, support, and housing. This is awesome! However deadline is Saturday February 28. For an application form and info package, please email

Call for Submissions: his + her
Two biannual publications under the same umbrella ment to bridge queers, amplify their stories, and spotlight their talents. Writers, photographers, illustrators and others are invited to submit! More info on their submissions page.

Call for Submissions: Winged Snail Mail Zine #2 Typewriters

Winged Snail Mail is a twice yearly snail mail themed zine! Do you love you PO Box? Do you resent stamp collectors? Submit your mail art how-to’s, envelope tutorials, reviews, penpal stories, or whatever else is relevant to (email for mailing addresS) The Issue #2 theme is typewriters! What’s your fave font? Model? Ever mailed one? Submit!

Call for Submissions: SkyMall Fanzine

ZAPP’s next edition of Xeongraphic is a tribute to the late SkyMall. Submit to by March 1.

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