Asexual Bisexual Cissexual

Zine, Dan Copulsky,   1714 N Ashland Ave #3,    Chicago, IL 60622, USA,, $4 + $2 postage

Subtitled “A Sexual Identity Glossary,”  Asexual Bisexual Cissexual is simply  that. Brief, clear definitions cover a  range of subjects from sex, gender,  asexuality and kink. From “Androgyny”  to “Polysexual” to “Transromantic,”  if you can think of a sexuality-related  term it’s probably in here.  The short definitions left me wanting  a bit more explanation about some  of the terms themselves and why/ how they’re assigned. Does anyone  actually use words like “Pomosexual,”  “Demiromantic” and “Monogamish?”  Is such hyper-definition useful? This  glossary is a good eye-opener to the  broad range of sexuality, but the cover  price seems high. (Rodney Dickinson)


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