Zine Review: Magellan & Magellan: Mutiny

Magellan & Magellan: Mutiny

Zines, Jessica Tremblay, jessicatremblay.ca

In honour of having led the first expedition to successfully circumnavigate the globe, 16th-century explorer Ferdinand Magellan has had many things named after him: two dwarf galaxies, a crater on Mars, an entire sea route, and a penguin. His exploits could fill volumes. Jessica Tremblay manages to get them down on eight pages over two issues of this zine.

Her zines collect images and text from Ian Cameron’s 1973 history, Magellan and the First Circumnavigation of the World. Judging from the excerpts Tremblay includes, Cameron clearly told Magellan’s story with dramatic flair. You’re going to have to know a little something about Magellan for these zines’ disjointed quotes to make sense. But if you don’t, you can still enjoy the language, which easily conjures up imagery of bloody ship battles, stowaways, and mutiny.

Tremblay asserts her authorship by making clever juxtapositions between image and text. Sure, she didn’t “write” any of this, but she compiled it in her own idiosyncratic way. The text, “the duplicity of the Spaniards seems to have taken him by surprise,” is paired with an image of a man, possibly Magellan, clubbing an unsuspect-ing penguin provides a nice tongue-in-cheek joke. Possibly, it also makes social commentary on exactly how Magellan went about “discovering” the penguins that now carry his name. (I. Rattan)


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