Zine Review: The BLT


Zine, The Belmont Library Teens, Issue #1, 36 pgs, SCML.org

Belmont is a city of approximately 27,000 folks, located between San Francisco and San Jose in northern California. In this in-between city, there are some teens who have come together to create a zine — cool, right? That zine is this zine, it’s called The BLT, and it’s pretty (darn) fun.

There are 17 contributors in total, and as you can imagine with 17 teenagers trying to come together to do anything, the result is kind of chaotic, kind of adventurous, but never dull, and never predictable. There are some drawings, some poetry, hot takes, thought pieces, miniature obituaries (to Alan Rickman, amongst others) and other bits and pieces of prose and stray thoughts. The presentation is actually fairly consistent, and this zine looks pretty slick, which is great, because the design cauterizes any rough edges that might be found within. What makes this zine unique is that it’s actually produced under the imprint (or supervision, at least) of the Belmont Library. Thus, assumedly, adults with a love for reading and the arts supplied encouragement and nurtured the project. That’s important from a growth perspective, and also, it’s kind of great to see young people unplug for a bit and focus on creating a hard copy “something”. In this case, the “something” is solid. (Cam Gordon)


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