Zine Review: Want Crack

Want Crack

Zine, Jean-Thomas Bouchard, 24 pgs, stolenground.com, $5

What does everybody want? Crack, apparently. So says this photog zine from Jean-Thomas Bouchard, a Montreal-based snapper with an interest in referencing drugs. Back story: “El Barto” is Bart Simpson’s graffiti-tagging alter-ego, and is “one of the most infa-mous outlaws in Springfield” (according to some online Simpsons Wiki thing). Bouchard saw a ton of El Barto graffiti tags plastered in and around Montreal. He photographed them and made a zine: hard stop. It’s a pretty cool if you like this sort of thing.

Want Crack is a grimy zine. Pictures are in black and white and of back alleys, dumpsters, brick walls and other hot spots where El Barto appears. It’s a bit of a cultural journey too, because snippets of French language signage appear, in case you assumed this was from Winnipeg or another majority Anglo province. It’s almost anti-artistry, because Bouchard’s not about beautification; he’s about grit and, ultimately, about cataloguing. This is a collection of stuff he’s seen and the spots in which he see saw them. For that reason, Want Crack works well as a black and white hard copy zine rather than a Tumblr or Instagram account. It’s raw and real. (Cam Gordon)


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