Anxiety Dream Zine


Anxiety Dream Zine

Alana Mohamed

In the months leading up to the 2016 presidential election, New York-based writer Alana Mohamed was plagued with vivid and awful dreams. One night she dreamt that Trump won the election and the world crumbled, leading to all New Yorkers being isolated and annexed into a single borough. She woke up and told her boyfriend, who encouraged her to write it as a standalone fiction piece. Instead, it became the intro piece to her zine dedicated to people’s nightmares about Trump, Anxiety Dream Zine.

“I was struck by the idea that I wasn’t the only person with these fears about Trump’s message and the resonance it had with some voters,” Mohamed says. “Collecting other people’s anxiety dreams about this cultural phenomenon seemed a really great time capsule in a way.  I sent out the first call pretty much an hour after waking up.”

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Mohamed issued calls on Twitter and Facebook and the result is a small but powerful assemblage of surreal visions and prose imaginings that cleave painfully and tellingly close to reality. One horrifying piece by Alex Greenberger imagines a robot-Trump’s eyeball rolling back in his head during a press conference. Another sadder piece imagines a world where nearly everyone dies in a mysterious apocalyptic event and the survivors vote Barack Obama back into office. The entire zine – published just days before the election – is doubly haunting in hindsight – a testament to collective fear and helplessness in an increasingly fraught and nightmarish world. You can read it online at (Alison Lang)


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