Comic Review: Elf Fashion

Elf Fashion

Comic zine, Jasmine B. Schuett,, $5


elvenIf you’ve ever wanted to read about the clothing choices of elven creatures, you are in for a treat. Schuett lays out post-hibernation looks for summer in this short zine, along with complete outfits for spring, fall and winter. Each look is paired with a charming description, DIY tips and a bit of elven history. In addition to some solid elf puns, you’ll get a primer on the seasonal habits of these magical creatures as well as some info about their culture and “dark overlord”. The pages are thick and sturdy and the zine feels well made; the black and white colouring is clean and easily readable with drawings that are rendered simply but still feel magical. Schuett pairs elven art and text in a way that is both accessible and engaging. Bonus elf fun: Complete an elf word search and maze at the end of the zine while you play a matching game and offer up precious gems to the dark lord. (CJ Blennerhassett)

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