Zine Review: Muahahaha

ZINES_MuahahaComic, Jenn Liv, jennliv.com, $8.50

This comic is a victory for the medium of comics. It’s gorgeous and violent: cute and badass at the same time. Before I get to the art I’d like to give a shout out to Colour Code Printing, who did an amaz­ing job with this beauty; they’ve made a risograph print of lovely hues of pinks and blues in differing intensities. Muaha­haha is an outstanding example of zines as fine art, a product which provides simple amusement and deeper aesthetic appreciation at the same time.

The comic itself concerns the annihila­tion of a metropolis and the murder of birds by gargantuan one-eyed giants. They appear out of the wilderness and quickly they dismantle entire buildings and eat the innocent avian soaring around the city. A girl with a couple of swords disrupts the destruction. The swords have teeth. She is angry. Need I say more?

The art is an interesting blend of sugges­tive simple line drawings and action-ori­ented panels that look lifted from an anime or video game. Our hero even has a finish­ing move: The Dance of Righteous Flower Petals. The style suits the plot: the pictures are basic when the giants are crushing the town and eating the birds, while the illus­trations are tighter and more controlled when the swords get unsheathed.

The comic ends on a down note when we learn the giants were successful in their nihilistic plans. The girl mourns the death of a once-beautiful bird, and sur­veys the ruins where people once lived. The message is ecological: once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. However, I didn’t leave this work with a sense of hopelessness. Instead, I felt charged and ready to take on life’s giants. (Neal Armstrong)


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