Calls for Submissions

tumblr_nld2gqvMNV1upjrb0o1_1280Call for Submissions: Blank Hill

Can you upgrade this Hank Hill face? Show it off! Download the Blank Hill zine template here and shoot your submissions to by April 27th. Guys, this is hilarious. Do it.

Call for Submissions: Totally Radical Muslims 4

TRM is seeking submissions on the theme of rage! Or anger, discontent, frustration, resignation, overcoming, healing, unleashing, the edge. All self-identified muslims are encouraged to submit. Deadline is June 5, email submissions to

Call for Submissions: Complicating Veganism

A new zine exploring veganism, food justive and animal rights from perspectives that complicate these topics. Submissions could explore issues or problems within these movements, accessibility, intersections of veganism with race, class, colonialism, fat identitiy, gender, trauma, madness, disability and other social locations, connections with capitalism, and really anything else! Deadline is April 10th. Send submissions to

Call for Entries: 2015 bpNichol Chapbook Award

The grand prize for chapbook authors and makers, the author receives $4,000 and the publisher receives $500. Submissions must have been published in 2014, and the poet must be Canadian. The deadline for submissions is May 29, 2015. More information on the Meet the Presses website.

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