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Call for Submissions: Metropolarity’s The “Future” Now

Did you catch Philly-based sci-fi zine project Metropolarity’s Zine Philosophy spot in the last issue of Broken Pencil? Now you too can be a part of some of their world-reimagining endeavours. the Metropolarity crew is now “accepting your interpretations, visitations, prophecies, realities, oracles, visions, sensations and dreams of the present future.” Deadline August 18. Send printable media to or peep their website at

Call for Submissions: YOW! A Zine About Ottawa


Everyone talks shit about Ottawa— “the city nobody romanticizes or mythologizes or admits to loving.” It’s time to change that! This zine is “seeking tales of Ottawa adventures, dreamy 613 memories, yr fave spots, neighbourhood scene reports, & yr reasons for staying.” Time to convince the naysayers. Submissions can be sent to by the end of the summer.

Call for Submissions: Fat Girl Food Squad

The international Fat Girl Food Squad syndicate is expanding, and they’re looking for body positive champions to join their numbers. Writers and activists interested in covering all things fat, feminism, and food are invited to reach out to

Call for Submissions: Bandit Zine — Feminism

Grand Rapids’ Bandit Zine is looking for new submissions of art and text that answers, or asks, the question of what feminism means to you. Submissions are due by October 15th— send to or check out


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