Calls for Submissions feat. PANACEA



Submit your poems and fiction to PANACEA

Calls for Submissions: PANACEA

Former BP assistant editor and author/poet/journalist extraordinaire Nathaniel G. Moore is launching a new online and “semi-print” journal based out of Protection Island in BC.

PANACEA is soon-to-be your destination for a transparent look at the leading cutting edge of all things literary, music and art-like in Canada. But before they launch in the Fall, they need poetry and fiction!

Please send submissions to by August 20th.

Calls for Submissions: Nepantla

Nepantla is a new poetry e-journal featuring work by queer writers of colour. The journal is being curated by Christopher Soto in collaboration with the Lambda Literary Foundation in an effort to nurture, celebrate and preserve diversity within the queer poetry community. Self identified queer poets of color are welcome to send a bio and up to five pages of poetry to by August 1. More information on the LAMDA website.

Call for Submissions: Epic Canadiana #2

Comic creators! The sequel to the amazing e-book Epic Canadiana #1 is seeking stories that feature Canadian superheroes or supervillains. An interesting twist is that all of the stories will exist in the same world as each other, the one established by Epic Canadiana #1. This means you’ll be working with the editors to plan and execute your comics. There’s lots of information about how this all works at the Cloudscape Comics website— check it out!

Calls for Submissions: Microfiction Mondays

Ye writers of microfiction! Microfiction Mondays publishes exceptional stories told in 100 words or less every monday. Think of the impulse as the story— packing big punches in a small spaces. Check out the submissions page for details.


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