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The New Tattoo Underground

Zinester’s Toolkit: Monica Trinidad

Patrons, Perks, Payout? Patreon for DIY creators


Book Review: Punk Is Dead: Modernity Killed Every Night

Comic Review: Otter Days

Book Review: Turning Japanese

Zine Review: Whiny Femmes

Zine Review: Introspection Intermittently #3

Zine Review: Cometbus #58: Zimmerwald

Zine Review: The Paper Trail Diary’s Chain Letter Short Story Project #2

Zine Review: Artificial Life in the Market Place #10

Comic Review: The Complete Strange Growths 1991-1997

Zine Review: Accidental Infantilism

Zine Review: Beginner Houseplant Guide


Comic: New Steven Kraan Comic


Folio: Aanmitagzi


One “Rusty” Zine Collection

Perzines to the Front! Dear Diary Zine Fest

Zine Philosophy:

Brontez Purnell’s Zine Philosophy: My Life, in Reverse Negative and Xerox